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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blended Program?

An Early Childhood Blended program services students ages three through five years old. Concepts and skills related to language arts, math, science, physical growth, health and social-emotional milestones are developed through instructional units. Children will acquire these skills through a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated learning opportunities. Children are taught in small group, large group and individualized settings which promote independence, problem solving, cooperative learning and self-confidence.

Park View’s Blended program has up to 16 students, including 11 students who are typically developing and up to 5 students with special education needs. We have a morning and afternoon section which each meet daily for 3 hours and are taught by a licensed early childhood teacher who is approved to teach general education, special education and English learners. A program assistant also supports the students in the preschool classroom.

What are the benefits to the District and its students by housing our own Blended program?

Servicing students in their neighborhood school is always preferred. Such a placement allows our Blended students to become part of their school community before kindergarten. This is an opportunity for students to build routines and make connections within and between their home and school environment.

If my student enters the Blended program at age three, will my student be guaranteed a spot the following year?

Yes, if your student attends the Blended program as a three year old they will be guaranteed a spot for the following school year provided re-registration deadlines and requirements are met.

How do I apply to the program and how will I know if my student has been accepted?

There are a limited number of tuition slots within our Blended program and as a result, spots are available through a lottery system. Parents/guardians submit their preschooler’s name to a list. Following the closing date, the names of the students will be pulled one at a time and entered on a list until all of the names have been drawn. The first names to be drawn will be contacted regarding the available tuition slots. When someone declines, the next person on the list will be contacted until all slots are filled. At that point, the remaining names will be considered the students on the Wait List. Once your child is accepted to the Blended Program, the parent/guardian must prove residency and complete paperwork and payment for registration by the deadline provided.  If these items are not completed, the slot will be lost and the next person on the Wait List will be contacted.  A child must be 3 years old by September 1st of the calendar year to be eligible for acceptance for that school year's program.   

If my child was on the Wait List for the 18-19 school year, does he/she get any priority in terms of placement into the program for 19-20?

No, the application process starts over again for each school year.

What is the tuition for the Blended Program?

Tuition is $3,000 annually for students who are residents of the District 70.

What curriculum and assessments will the Blended Program use?

The Illinois Early Learning and Developmental Standards provide the framework for instruction within the Park View Blended program. The district utilizes Creative Curriculum/Teaching Strategies Gold and the assessment materials that accompany these educational resources. Click here for more information on the Illinois Early Learning Standards.


Please contact Matt Mayer
, Director of Learning and Programs with any questions at [email protected]

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