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Ducky Awards

The Ducky Awards is the Celebrations Committee’s  fun way of recognizing teachers and staff for going above and beyond to advance Park View’s mission of challenging, guiding and inspiring students.  

To nominate a colleague at any time throughout the year, send an email to Mr. V  with the name of the individual and a brief paragraph on how he/she is going above and beyond to deliver on our promise of challenging, guiding and inspiring students.  The recipient will receive a ducky from Mr. V. and their picture will be featured on our website along with the kind words from the nominator.
Below is an archive of Ducky Award recipients.  
 Frances Timmers
I would love to nominate our speech and language pathologist, Fran Timmers for a Ducky Award!  Being the "new" girl on our blended preschool team, Fran has really jumped in and shown that she is an awesome colleague and professional. She is so dedicated to all the kids, not only those receiving speech services. She is dependable, courteous in her communications, and has great ideas. Most of all, the kids love her and look forward to seeing her in our class. She loves to try new, fun activities to expand our kids speech and language skills. Thank you so much Fran for all you do! 
 Buthul Hussaini
I would like to nominate Buthul Hussaini for a Ducky award. She continually goes above and beyond to help her students and their families succeed.  I truly don’t know how I would do my job without her.  Buthul often acts as a  liaison between myself and families.  Whenever I feel like I have run into a brick wall, Buthul finds a window and helps me address a situation.  Her kindness, care and concern are a true asset to Park View.
Tina Ewanio
 I would like to nominate Tina  Ewanio for her dedication to our school, our staff, and our students. Tina encompassess what a Park View Spirit should be -dedicated, professional, caring, and friendly. During Erin's maternal leave, Tina has shown her flexibility and commitment  in doing more than just her job. She deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond her role to help our school continue to run smoothly. On a personal note, she is someone who you can trust and is a caring person.  For this and many more reasons, I nominate Tina for a Ducky award.
 Josh Friedenberg
I would like to nominate Josh F for a ducky award.  He comes to school every day with such a positive attitude, always willing to help.  He has been helping in the library and every time he comes in, his happy demeanor and warmth is so welcome.  He has the best intentions for the students and really wants to be helpful for all. 
 Gina Oles
I nominate Gina Oles for a Ducky Award because she continually goes above and beyond in all that she does.  She is so incredibly patient, kind and caring. Her love and dedication for EACH AND EVERY student in her class is felt by all.  She strives to make each and every lesson/day as engaging and exciting as possible. Her past and present students have a deep respect and admiration for her.  Gina’s hard work and dedication continually inspires and amazes me! 
 Marie Sheedy
I would like to nominate Marie Sheedy for a duckie award. Marie has a heart of gold for her students. She is very committed to having her students succeed not only in the classroom but in our global world. I have seen her at work with many students and have been impressed with her patience and kindness and genuine love.
Her level of expectations for all her students is superb.  I am so glad that we have her as part of our Park View family.
 Paul Connelly
I would like to nominate Paul Connelly because he has great rapport with his students and his students appreciate his kind demeanor.  You can hear Mr. Connelly in the hallway calling his students “leaders” and that is something to smile about.  Mr. Connelly works well with his colleagues and treats them as equals.  
 Jane Melnick
Mrs. Melnick is a dedicated teaching professional.  She develops strong relationships with her students and their families.  Mrs. Melnick develops a wonderful community within her classroom and is an advocate for what is best for all students.  She is open to trying new strategies and techniques within her classroom and shares these ideas and strategies with her teammates. 
 Joice Schwenk
Mrs. Schwenk always shows patience and respect for all students and staff and is consistently friendly and kind.  She wants the best for all students and they respond to her caring nature. Mrs. Schwenk is a warm and dependable colleague and friend and embodies the mission of the district...challenging, guiding and inspiring! 
 Deitrick Mitchell
Deitrick is an exceptional co-worker who demonstrates the Warrior Traits on a daily basis.  Deitrick has an excellent rapport with his students.  He takes time to understand each student, even though he works with students in many different grade levels every day.  He takes daily challenges in stride and quickly develops action plans that allow his students to build responsibility, organization, and critical thinking with his support.  Without being asked, he searches out additional resources to help his students better understand the content being taught in classes other than his own and does so in a format that keeps them engaged.  Mr. Mitchell's desire to do what is best for kids is a daily inspiration to Park View students and staff. 
Ellen Prosise
Mrs. Prosise is the pioneer of our ELL department.  Her expertise in second language learners is admirable.  Mrs. Prosise has worked with newcomers, bilingual students, and refugees---and she's done it all with a lot of grace.  She continually advocates for culturally diverse students and she strives to make sure that our school is a welcoming place for them.  Her relationships with the families of our school is also something to admire.  Thank you, Mrs. Prosise for raising the banner of equity for all our bilingual students. 
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Maximize learning by challenging, guiding and inspiring individuals
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