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2017-2018 Ducky Recipients
2017-2018 Ducky Recipients


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Ducky Awards

The Ducky Awards is the Celebrations Committee’s  fun way of recognizing teachers and staff for going above and beyond to advance Park View’s mission of challenging, guiding and inspiring students.  

To nominate a colleague at any time throughout the year, send an email to Mr. V  with the name of the individual and a brief paragraph on how he/she is going above and beyond to deliver on our promise of challenging, guiding and inspiring students.  The recipient will receive a ducky from Mr. V. and their picture will be featured on our website along with the kind words from the nominator.
Below is an archive of Ducky Award recipients.  
 Abraham Esparza
He exhibits our school mission statement by challenging, guiding and inspiring the students he works with. He is patient and helps students talk through what's on their mind.  Mr. Esparza knows what students need when working with them. He is always willing to accommodate them in the classroom.   With patience and care, Mr. Esparza goes above and beyond as paraprofessional for the kids of Park View.
 Laurie Katz
 Ms. Katz maximizes learning by inspiring her students to be lovers of reading and writing. Her love of reading has inspired her students to think critically about what they read and write. She challenges students to step out of their comfort zones and celebrates every small victory. As a colleague she is truly supportive and is someone that can lighten up the mood in difficult situations. Her humor, her passion and drive is what makes Ms. Katz one of a kind.

Alana McCloskey
The person we would like to nominate for a ducky award is Park View through and through.  She is always the first one to lend a helping hand, even when you didn’t know you needed one.  On a daily basis she demonstrates passion and kindness to all, especially the students.  For her compassion, dedication and hard work for the school and community we nominate Alana McCloskey for a ducky award.
 Jennifer Krusinski
Jennifer Krusinski is constantly the embodiment of going above and beyond to deliver on Park View's promise of challenging, guiding and inspiring students, but what's even more inspiring to us as her colleagues is her attitude while doing it. She is a bright light that works endlessly for her students to make sure they succeed both academically and social-emotionally, and does it all with a positive attitude, genuine kindness, and the courage to continue no matter what the circumstances or obstacles. I am proud to work with her and watch how she works tirelessly for her students and radiates love for them so they feel safe, respected, and like they have a true champion on their side no matter what. 
 Jill Brocar
She exhibits our school mission statement by challenging, guiding and inspiring the students and faculty each and every day!  Her hard work and dedication to  Park View does not go unnoticed.  Jill goes above and beyond on a daily basis to support every person within the Park View family and because of this, has helped continue to make Park View a wonderful place for all.  We enjoy seeing her smiling face each day and appreciate everything she does for us. 
 Deitrick Mitchell
He is very patient with the students, carries on a positive attitude towards them at all times, he is understanding of the students' situations and knows what's the best way to assist them in the classroom. He goes above and beyond in his gentle reminders and is always willing to give whatever it takes to help the students he works with. He is even willing to learn how to play the recorder so he can help them in music class!
 Katie Douglas
Miss Douglas works tirelessly to make sure procedures are in place to help all students. It is important for her to be thorough and make sure teachers have the information and support they need to help each child succeed throughout the day. Her smile and patience are never ending. She is a strong advocate for children, making sure their educational needs are always being met. 
 Linda Kruk

I nominate Linda for her growth mindset that she displays in all aspects of technology.  All students at Park View, as well as her colleagues, benefit from Linda’s ability to patiently work with all of us to ensure that we understand and get the most from our iPads, laptops and other learning devices.  Linda challenges, guides and inspires others with her abilities and her spirit of cooperation.





 Marika Mammas

I nominate Marika Mammas for a Ducky Award!  Marika’s love of reading and good books, her knowledge of best practices, and her care and devotion to our youngest developing readers, provides the crucial support that challenges, guides and inspires them to become confident and successful readers! 





 Hannah Barry

Hannah Barry exhibits hard work and dedication to the students and the staff at Park View.  She is always willing to help a student master a goal or trouble shoot a technology mishap.  She is constantly guiding and inspiring teachers and providing professional development and classroom support whenever needed.  She truly is a great leader at Park View!
Connie Schroeder
Connie’s steadfast and passionate commitment to the Writer’s & Reader’s workshop not only inspires and challenges her students to choose books and read them as if they’re gold, it also empowers them to embrace the writing process to find and celebrate their own voices.  Her commitment is also  inspirational to her colleagues at all grade levels who are on the workshop journey with her.
Elizabeth Teresi
Mrs. Teresi goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students, all with the utmost professionalism, even on the most challenging days.  Her dedication to her students is outstanding and her patience is beyond that of anyone I’ve ever met.  All in her ultimate persistence to challenge, guide and inspire her students to make the progress she believes they can make.
Marci Heymann
Not only is she a fabulous and informative reading interventionist, working with many grade level teams, she is also a true team leader.  Her leadership skills have helped our reading team design our PLC framework to ongoing perfection, benefitting all the children we work with.  She guides us at each of our team meetings, discussing how we can better serve these students to help them grow and make gains to the best of their abilities.  Her teaching practices exemplify what a true teacher is.  She is compassionate and makes connections with all the students she works with.  She is innovative and plans engaging lessons each day while guiding her students to make continual growth.  She gets her students to want to read.  She models the highest level of integrity for both her students and the teachers she collaborates with.  It’s an honor and pleasure to work with her at Park View.
Debbie Lapasso
Her dedication to her Check In/Check Out student is helping that child find her place at Park View.  She is such a positive role model for the students she sees with her friendly smile and positive attitude.  When I see her walking her student to homeroom, I know that is just what that student needs. 
 Brigitte Stein
Ms Stein is among the most dedicated, hardworking, and loyal professionals I have ever worked with.  She comes daily to work with a positive attitude.  She always puts her best foot forward, helping students, teachers and staff members with what they are looking to find or questions they may have.  Her contributions to Park View for the last quarter century have exceptionally benefited the school and will be felt for years to come.  Thank Ms. Stein for challenging, guiding and inspiring! 
 Kelli Murphy
I would like to nominate my teammate Mrs. Kelli Murphy for a Duckie Award. She has inspired me to take my teaching to the next level. I believe an individual is only as good as the sum of their parts, and one person can’t be a team.
She is an exemplary member of our faculty and takes the initiative to assure that every student has equal access to become their best educated selves.
Mrs. Murphy is diligent in consistently tracking student growth while keeping everyone alerted to any necessary issues regarding student progress. She does the same when it comes to our PLC while displaying the utmost professionalism, much to the benefit of our Park View community.
She’s a true leader and a role model for our new staff members and I’m honored to work alongside her on our RTI team.

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Maximize learning by challenging, guiding and inspiring individuals
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